• Question: why did you want to become a sientist👺

    Asked by IzaiahL on 11 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Melissa Hess

      Melissa Hess answered on 11 Feb 2022:

      I wanted to cure cancer, because my Dad died from it when I was a kid. That’s what got me into it.

      Then I discovered I was bored by biology. But I really liked Chemistry. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it until my senior year in college. I was doing research, which I really liked, and my grandma asked what people would use it for. I couldn’t answer. So I decided I wanted to do research that really affected people’s lives. I looked through a book for grad schools, and I found the Penn State Fuel Science program. Making coal cleaner, supersonic jet fuels, renewable fuels, reducing pollution… it’s really applied! I never thought of being a fuel scientist, but I really like the work.

    • Photo: Kaveri Sawant

      Kaveri Sawant answered on 11 Feb 2022:

      I was good at Science!

    • Photo: Leah Sutton

      Leah Sutton answered on 11 Feb 2022:

      I was always really good at math compared to my peers so I knew I needed to use that to my advantage. Then I took a chemistry class my last year in high school and really fell in love with the magic of science.

    • Photo: Phu Phan

      Phu Phan answered on 14 Feb 2022:

      I’m interested in math and chemistry when I was in high school and figured out chemical engineering is the major that I want to aim to achieve in college.

    • Photo: Lauren Haygood

      Lauren Haygood answered on 17 Feb 2022:

      I originally wanted to do sports medicine growing up. Sports were a huge part of my life, so I figured I would make my career related to sports as well. In my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to take a sports medicine class (I did not enjoy it). College applications were going to be due soon, and I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do anymore. That same year, I got into gardening, and the changes in soil and plants intrigued me. This resulted in me choosing geology as my major, and 5 years later, I have not regretted that decision. I love being able to ask questions about the past, present, and future, and do research to figure out those answers.