• Question: What did you originally go to school for?

    Asked by Ryen to Leah on 11 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Leah Sutton

      Leah Sutton answered on 11 Feb 2022:

      I originally went to school in Rolla, MIssouri studying Chemical Engineering. I was not happy at the school so I left after a year and took some time off of school to work. Then I went back to school, this time in Kansas City, MO and I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist so I was studying chemistry with the intention to get into pharmacy school to get my doctorate. Life had other plans and I ended up leaving that school midway through the year and moving back home to live with my parents. The school nearby did not have a pharmacy program so I ended up going “full circle” back to studying Chemical Engineering which is what my undergraduate degree is in.