• Question: What do you like most about soccer?

    Asked by Ashley A Awe to Lindsey on 13 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Lindsey Anderson

      Lindsey Anderson answered on 13 Feb 2022:

      What I like most about soccer is a hard question to answer… What don’t I like about soccer?!

      Soccer was my first love, I must admit. I started playing at the age of 5 when I was living in Germany at the time. While I was there I was able to attend my first World Cup game, and since then I never stopped playing or loving the sport. I love the energy, the persistent challenge, and being a part of a team (who in the end become like family). Soccer gave me an outlet that was my own, something I could build confidence in. It taught me almost everything I needed to know about life now looking back. It taught me what it meant to work hard, how to be a teammate, how it feels to lose, and how it feels to persevere. I still play to this day, can’t put it down.

      Playing a sport or having a passion for any type of hobby outside of school (or whatever your day-to-day routine is) provides a healthy outlet just for you, to express and build that sense of self (your natural character).

      I hope you find that passion just the same, even if not for soccer 🙂