• Question: What is your favorite thing to do as a scientist?

    Asked by fact11ted on 4 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Dominic Margitan

      Dominic Margitan answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      My favorite thing to do in my role is improve on existing designs or create new designs that improve a process or job to make it safer, easier or less expensive to do.

    • Photo: Melissa Hess

      Melissa Hess answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      So my favorite kind of science is doing things that make our fuels better and more environmentally friendly.

      My favorite thing to do in my job is look at my data and find patterns and draw conclusions.

    • Photo: Lauren Haygood

      Lauren Haygood answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      My favorite thing is getting to work on projects that contribute to a more sustainable planet, as well as a better understanding of our planet’s environment. I also enjoy the outreach that I get to do as a scientist!

    • Photo: Leah Sutton

      Leah Sutton answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      Help solve real problems.

    • Photo: Kaveri Sawant

      Kaveri Sawant answered on 5 Feb 2022:

      Work with others.

    • Photo: Phu Phan

      Phu Phan answered on 7 Feb 2022:

      Surrounding with scientists that are much smarter than me

    • Photo: Amelia Grose

      Amelia Grose answered on 13 Feb 2022:

      Field work! During the summers, I get to go to Alaska, hike around, fly in a helicopter, and collect water samples. It’s a lot of fun!