• Question: what is the most dangerous thing you did.

    Asked by Sunny on 4 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Chiara Amato

      Chiara Amato answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      I would say flying a plane myself.

    • Photo: Melissa Hess

      Melissa Hess answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      Put a jet-fuel soaked filter in a hot, oxygen rich environment. The explosion was pretty impressive. I also work with some pretty nasty gases that you wouldn’t want to inhale.

      Outside of that, I did my first trail marathon in 95 degree heat. While not very dramatic, that was definitely fairly dangerous.

    • Photo: Lauren Haygood

      Lauren Haygood answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      I enjoy lab work, but it can also be dangerous (depending on what you’re doing)- when in an environment with chemicals and gas cylinders, it requires a healthy respect for everything (even if not in use).

    • Photo: Leah Sutton

      Leah Sutton answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      I try very hard not to do anything dangerous at work. For the past 30+ years industries have made a lot of efforts to ensure people, the environment and communities remain safe while working in or living around their operations. One of the organizations that helps to ensure that is called OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They have a program that is required for certain sites called Process Safety Management or PSM. Our site is required to have a PSM program and I am the coordinator for our site so part of my job is to not only be safe but to make sure everyone else is being safe doing their jobs as well.

    • Photo: Kaveri Sawant

      Kaveri Sawant answered on 5 Feb 2022:

      Work with Hydrogen Fluoride (HF).

    • Photo: Phu Phan

      Phu Phan answered on 7 Feb 2022:

      In high school, my teacher and I did make some chemicals that we thought it was safe at the beginning. It was a simple acid/base chemical reaction to create explosion sounds (don’t want to talk too specific). However, it turns out the sound is pretty loud that made our school evacuate. Nobody was injured or had any problem at that moment, but we just have a conversation with the school principal after.

    • Photo: Amelia Grose

      Amelia Grose answered on 8 Feb 2022:

      We do our best to make sure we are safe during field work – for example, we always carry bear spray with us in Alaska. However, I was once fishing with a friend for a project analyzing the response of dragonflies to fish, and my friend got two fish hooks caught in my ear! I hadn’t planned on getting my ears pierced that day!

    • Photo: Lindsey Anderson

      Lindsey Anderson answered on 14 Feb 2022: last edited 14 Feb 2022 11:49 pm

      In Science – Safety in science is taken very seriously, so for the most part we operate with tightly controlled safety protocols. If I had to say one thing I made extra sure to be careful with was when I was working with a lot higher level lethal pathogens in the lab once. I had to wear a suite and all the gear (PPE). When I got home I made sure to change and wash clothes, etc. Sometimes the danger is what you can’t see with your eyes in those cases.

      In Life – Driving a motorcycle has probably been the most dangerous thing I’ve done.