• Question: Have you ever done an experiment on Covid before ?

    Asked by dear11ted on 4 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Chiara Amato

      Chiara Amato answered on 4 Feb 2022: last edited 4 Feb 2022 5:52 pm

      No, I didn’t. However, I have a friend that works on the covid vaccines and I am very proud of her and her work.

    • Photo: Melissa Hess

      Melissa Hess answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      No. One of the things that amazes me is just how MANY kinds of scientists there are in the world, and I was really drawn to answer this question because when I was your age, I didn’t know that.

      A lot of people think about medical research or chemicals or space research. But scientists develop so many different things. I’m a fuel scientist, which I had no clue existed when I was your age. I study and work on fuels and pollution. I applied for a job developing paints at one point. There are scientists that study what metals make the best wires, how glue can stick better to what you’re gluing and less to your fingers, how to make synthetic cloth better, or nuclear technology. There are paper and pulp scientists, scientists who study how to make better welding processes, and scientists who develop food additives to prevent spoilage. There are so many things you can do with science, but eventually you have to specialize. So yeah, I’ve never experimented on the corona virus, but I am really grateful to those scientists who have!

    • Photo: Lauren Haygood

      Lauren Haygood answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      No, but I do volunteer with a GIS nonprofit, and one of our projects was mapping all the COVID-19 testing sites and vaccination sites within the United States.

    • Photo: Leah Sutton

      Leah Sutton answered on 4 Feb 2022:

      No, but I am working on my masters through Johns Hopkins University who has done a lot of work gathering and sharing COVID data. If you are interested you can access their continued work here https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/

    • Photo: Kaveri Sawant

      Kaveri Sawant answered on 5 Feb 2022:


    • Photo: Phu Phan

      Phu Phan answered on 7 Feb 2022:

      no, I haven’t