• Question: Does your work contribute to the environment, and how?

    Asked by seat11hat on 18 Feb 2022.
    • Photo: Melissa Hess

      Melissa Hess answered on 18 Feb 2022:

      Absolutely. Catalytic converters are used on cars and trucks to reduce/eliminate pollutants from the engine exhaust. Exaust from the combustion of fossil fuels is pretty nasty- it’s carcinogenic, it leads to acid rain, greenhouse gases, etc. So you can absolutely see why we want to clean that up to help the environment.

    • Photo: Chiara Amato

      Chiara Amato answered on 18 Feb 2022:

      At the moment, it doesn’t. However, I am looking to use my knowledge in global warming research in the future.

    • Photo: Lauren Haygood

      Lauren Haygood answered on 18 Feb 2022:

      Yes! I previously studied metal movement in the water and biological systems, and how that related to water quality. Now I study deep-sea sediment cores to reconstruct the past climate conditions and compare them to things we see today.